2018 HERO's Bios

Hero #1
29 year old Marine with 3 combat tours and significant combat trauma. He, his wife (HS sweetheart), and their three children (4 yr., 2yr, 11 month old) moved south two years ago with hopes of easier cost of living.  They recently came back to NY to be close to family. They are temporarily residing with veterans in-laws as they try to get back on their feet.  Veteran reports that they have found themselves in debt (credit card and car loan) and are trying to improve their credit with the hopes of owning a home one day.  Since returning to NY in June, veteran’s wife got a job teaching at a daycare and he enrolled in Suffolk Community College for the fall 2018 semester. He has placed an application for SC disability and has applied for a job to become a corrections officer.

Hero #2
37 year old Army veteran with one combat tour to Iraq, where he was exposed to traumatic events and now suffers with PTSD.  The veteran has access to a HUD-VASH voucher, which would offset the cost of his rent.  However, he is trying to save funds for first/last month rent to secure an apartment for himself and his two children.  To use the voucher he must have these funds within the required voucher timeframe of six months.  He has enrolled in school for HVAC and is hopeful about stabilizing his life circumstances for the wellbeing of himself and his family.

Hero #3
This 23 year old, married, but "informally" separated, U.S. Marine served extensively in Afghanistan. He is currently receiving residential mental health treatment.  He had been residing with family, since he does not have a home of his own.  He is unemployed.  His children, with whom he is close, reside upstate with their mother. The veteran would greatly benefit from the financial assistance to help him get back on his feet after he completes treatment.

Hero #4
28 year old female Army veteran who deployed to Iraq in 2011.  The veteran’s husband is also a combat veteran, separated from military service last year.  They have two daughters under five years old and recently moved into their own apartment after living with a family member. While they are both employed, the veterans continue to struggle financially and are trying to cover monthly expenses/provide for their family. They are making every effort to provide a life for their family unit. Veteran is attending school and has submitted application for service connection.

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WHOH 2019 

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