2020 HERO's Bios

Hero #1 is a 38-year-old Army veteran, who served five years on active duty - including two deployments to Iraq.  This veteran started his own security business and seeks to hire other veterans to work with him. He spends all of his time trying to growing his business and supporting his two children, who live with their mother but with whom he enjoys a good relationship.  Since he cannot afford permanent housing, this veteran has relied on family and friends for housing support.  While it is difficult for him to accept financial help, this veteran would be very grateful for WHOH assistance toward safe, suitable housing that will allow him to enjoy quality visits with his children.


Hero #2 is a 25-year-old Marine Corps veteran, who served four years on active duty – including deployments to Kuwait and Bahrain.  He, his wife, and their seven-month-old son all recovered from a severe bout with COVID19 last spring.  Prior to the pandemic, the veteran and his wife had been successfully maintaining their monthly expenses, but have since suffered unemployment, growing credit card debt, and increased financial instability.  A very old car the couple shared broke down in June and forced them to purchase a used one (2018).  While they received family’s help with the down payment, the couple are making the monthly car payments.  Thankfully, the veteran’s wife just found new employment and he will soon resume undergraduate studies toward his BA.   Even though this veteran is an extremely proud individual that finds it very difficult to be forthcoming about his financial situation and is reluctant to accept the of help of others, he would be very grateful for WHOH’s assistance at this extremely difficult time.


Hero #3 is a 32-year-old, honorably discharged, U.S. Marine Corps veteran, who deployed in October 2013 to Afghanistan as an aviation mechanic. He was injured on duty and now has a VA service-connected disability rating.  In 2016, he had to separate from the Marine Corps to solely care for his then two-year-old daughter, who is now 6 years-old and starting 1st grade. The emotional and financial impacts of COVID pandemic have been particularly difficult for this single father and his daughter, who – without financial relief - are at risk for becoming homeless.  The veteran would be very grateful for any assistance WHOH could provide.