2021 HERO's Bios

Hero #1 is a 28-year-old, honorably discharged, U.S. Army combat veteran, who was deployed in 2013. This veteran left his home state in the southern U.S. for NY in 2020 seeking better work opportunities. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he lost his housing in June 2021 and subsequently relied on VA homeless support services. This veteran would appreciate any financial assistance that will help him secure independent, stable housing.


Hero #2 is a 52-year-old , honorably discharged, service-disabled U.S. Army combat veteran, who served a single deployment to Iraq in 2006.  The veteran is widowed and is the sole provider for his teenage son. In 2021, due to emotional and economic stressors he was unable to present to work for several weeks. Since he does not receive paid sick days from his employer, the veteran would benefit from any assistance that can reduce his debt incurred by that loss of income.


Hero #3 is a 39-year-old, honorably discharged, service-disabled U.S. Marine Corps Veteran. He was discharged in December 2004 after serving two combat tours in Iraq.  His is currently going through a divorce, but is an active father of two children -- spending as much time with his children (e.g. sports, extracurricular activities, family time) as possible. Emotional stressors of the divorce and financial hardship have made this time particularly difficult for the veteran. He would be very appreciative of any assistance provided.  

Hero #4 is a 36 year-old, honorably discharged, U.S. Army veteran, who was deployed to Iraq as a combat engineer. The transition from military to civilian life has been a challenge for this veteran. He has experienced struggles with reintegration, which has affected his ability to maintain employment and housing. This veteran is resilient and perseveres even through the toughest of times.  He would greatly benefit from and appreciate the assistance.