2019 HERO's Bios

Hero #1
Hero #1 is a 33 year-old, disabled Marine Corps veteran, who served four years on active duty. Several months ago, the veteran was involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered serious injuries for which he is receiving outpatient care/treatment. The veteran is legally separated and has been supporting his one child. The circumstances following the veteran’s accident created a financial burden that WHOH assistance could significantly lessen.

Hero #2
Hero #2 is a 32 year-old, disabled Marine Corps veteran, who served three years of active duty – one year in Afghanistan. The veteran felt tremendous pride and purposefulness as a Marine, so reintegration to civilian life has been challenging. Since his return to LI a few years ago he has been living in his parents’ home, attends school (he made the Dean’s List this past semester) and works part-time. He would benefit from living on his own, but costs (i.e. first/last month rent, furniture, etc.) - as well as other bills he is paying off - make moving extremely challenging. The veteran is extremely focused, but lives with uncertainty each day. Help from WHOH would make a world of difference for this Marine.

Hero #3
Hero #3 is a 31 year-old, disabled Army veteran, who served seven years of active duty (one year in Iraq) and who was medically (honorably) discharged. He is married with four children and has been struggling financially for quite some time. He works full-time and manages his many medical illnesses by attending treatment at Northport VA. The veteran and family would greatly benefit from WHOH financial assistance.

Hero #4
Hero # 4 is a 29 year-old, disabled Marine Corps veteran, who served five years on active duty - six months deployed to Afghanistan. This veteran is recently separated from her spouse and has been struggling financially to pay the mortgage and other bills of the home. The veteran would be extremely grateful for any assistance WHOH could provide to lessen her burden at this stressful time in her life.

Hero #5
Hero #5 is a 35 year-old disabled Army Veteran who served four years of active duty - with one year in Afghanistan. Since returning to New York in the fall of 2017, he has been in treatment for issues connected to his military service. He is compliant with care and focused, but has been unable to engage in competitive employment and temporarily resides with family members. The veteran, who has two daughters with his is ex-wife, would greatly benefit from WHOH financial assistance as he rebuilds his life.

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